Natural & Environmentally Friendly Paint

Although we’re more than happy to work with the paint of your choice, we always try to draw attention to an issue we feel particularly strongly about. Here at Total Decorating Services we are dedicated to creating a healthier planet for the future by using products that have a low environmental impact. There are a wide variety of eco friendly paints available, including paint suitable for interior and exterior walls, interior and exterior woodwork, floorboards, brickwork, stone, metal or glass and hard-wearing, wipeable paint for high traffic areas, kitchens and bathrooms and stains or varnishes for natural wood. We can advise which would be most suitable based on your requirements.

Conventional paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds which release harmful fumes into the air and continue to do so for up to five years after they have dried. These fumes can cause nausea, dizziness and headaches as well as affect the long term health of people and pets in the property. Eco paints are totally non-toxic and either zero VOC, or super low VOC.

  • Made from mostly natural ingredients any leftovers can biodegrade causing no harm to the environment
  • Being fume-free, they do not contribute to external air pollution and are non-toxic for occupants of the property
  • Recommended for pregnant women, children, pets, allergy sufferers and people with respiratory issues such as asthma
  • They don’t peel as they are micro-porous; moisture particles can pass through the paint allowing walls and woodwork to breathe
  • They are durable and last longer
  • They help prevent wood rot and plaster decay
  • They reduce condensation, damp and mould problems therefore reducing  associated indoor allergens
  • They are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians. Some paints are suitable for vegans but some are not so we recommend you check if this is important to you.
  • Not only do these paints provide the highest quality finish, they are similar in price to well known brands such as Dulux.
  • They have a low-carbon or carbon-neutral production process

We recommend

Aglaia - Manufactured using only natural ingredients. Products suitable for indoor walls, ceilings, woodwork and metalwork.

Auro - Petrochemical-free paints made using natural raw materials from environmentally managed sources and produced using a sustainable ecological cycle. Products suitable for indoor walls, ceilings, woodwork and metalwork as well as exterior walls, woodwork and metalwork. Their range also includes vanishes, woodstains and waxes.

Caparol - Environmentally friendly paints which use renewable resources. Products suitable for indoor walls, ceilings, woodwork, flooring and metalwork as well as exterior walls, woodwork, flooring and metalwork. Their range also includes enamels and varnishes.

EarthBorn - Water-based and free of petrochemicals, they are the only UK brand to carry the EU eco-label flower accreditation. Products suitable for indoor walls, ceilings and woodwork as well as exterior walls.

Recycling and composting

Decorating any space, be it a single room or an office block, produces a huge amount of waste. Here at Total Decorating we aim to recycle or compost everything we can in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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  • Fantastic job by Tom we are so happy with the standard of work a true professional was always on time, clean would highly recommend to friends and family which we already have also getting him back to do rest of the house.

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